Top best meditation for sleep and anxiety

meditation for sleep and anxiety

Hey!! are you depressed, do you have problems with sleep and anxiety? You are scared of some this and you don’t know how to share your problem with others? Don’t worry I Pritam author and founder of has bring out this article for you. Here I will be sharing top best meditation for sleep and anxiety. There are millions of people who are going through this problem and they can’t even share with someone. Millions of people taking pills for sleep and harming their bodies. I will be sharing some of the meditation that you will have to follow on daily basis and the results will be in front of you. Before starting, if you haven’t checked out the last article then do so there I have mentioned about depression.

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If you haven’t checked out the last article if you are depressed and need some remedies.

What is meditation and how it can help with sleep and anxiety?

Before knowing all the meditation you need to understand what actually meditation is and how this is going to help with sleep and anxiety. Look all your body works on the basis of your mind. If your mind is working properly then surely you body will also work properly. Now there are some ideas or we can say that yogas are being invented to control your mind. There are several yogas and mantras that can be used in order to control your mind against all the negative thoughts.

Anxiety attack symptoms

Anxiety attack symptoms

Now we will be talking about some of the anxiety attack symptoms that you must know in order to protect yourself from all these. Look there are so many people who are going from all these things but the didn’t have any idea that they might have anxiety. So if you know about the symptoms then there are lots of chances that you will protect yourself from all these problems.

  • Feeling super scared: You might feel really afraid or like something bad is about to happen.
  • Heart racing: Your heart may beat really fast, like it’s pounding hard in your chest.
  • Trouble breathing: It might feel like you can’t catch your breath, or you’re breathing too quickly.
  • Chest pain: Your chest might feel tight or hurt.
  • Sweating a lot: Even if it’s not hot, you could sweat a bunch.
  • Shaking: You might shake or tremble, especially in your hands or legs.
  • Feeling dizzy: You might feel like you’re about to faint.
  • Stomach problems: Your stomach might feel upset, making you feel sick.
  • Feeling hot or cold suddenly: You might get sweaty or shivery all of a sudden.
  • Numbness or tingling: Your arms, legs, or face might feel like pins and needles.
  • Feeling out of it: You might feel like you’re not really there or things around you seem weird.
  • Scared of losing control: You might worry that you’re going crazy or can’t control yourself.

Remember, having one or more of these signs doesn’t always mean you’re having an anxiety attack. But if you often feel this way when you’re really anxious or panicked, it’s important to talk to a doctor or therapist for help.

Best guided meditation for anxiety and depression

We have talked about anxiety, stress, and depression. Now it’s time for the remedies. Now I am going to talk about the best guided meditation for anxiety and depression. There are so many people going through the pain but they don’t even know how to overcome all these. Today In this article I will be sharing some of the meditation that you can do and I am damn sure you will surely feel good by daily performing the activity.

At first, we have to understand the problem behind the anxiety, stress, and depression. Like if you are going through heartbreak then you will have to find a girl or you will have to be busy in your daily schedule in order to make yourself busy. Once you keep yourself busy then all done you will not think of that relationship and slowly you will recover from that pain. Once you recover all your overthinking, anxiety, or depression will die!!

Now Its time to know some of the meditation that you can do at your home and feel free from all these problems that are making you die from inside.

  • Headspace: Easy-to-follow meditations for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Calm: Relaxing sessions to ease anxiety and improve sleep quality.
  • Insight Timer: This free app with lots of meditations for anxiety and depression.
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR): Courses online or in-person for structured mindfulness training.
  • YouTube: Search for guided meditations by channels like The Honest Guys and Jason Stephenson.

Remember to try different options to see what works best for you, and if you’re struggling with serious anxiety or depression, seek professional help alongside guided meditations.

10 minute meditation for anxiety

10 minute meditation for anxiety

You are an office guy and you really don’t have time for meditation. You know it’s tough! to get time for meditation in your busy schedule. So here is the 10 minute meditation for anxiety to get a better sleep.

  • Get Comfortable: Find a comfy spot to sit or lie down.
  • Take Deep Breaths: Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.
  • Relax Your Body: Pay attention to any tension, then let it go as you breathe out.
  • Focus on Breathing: Feel your breath going in and out. Count each breath from one to ten.
  • Stay Present: When your mind wanders, gently bring it back to your breath.
  • Be Kind to Yourself: Notice any thoughts without judging them. Let them pass like clouds in the sky.
  • Think of Something Good: Spend a moment thinking about something you’re thankful for.
  • Wrap Up: After 10 minutes, slowly come back to the present moment.

Remember, meditation takes practice, so don’t worry if your mind wanders. Just keep bringing your focus back to your breath.

Extract of the article

Here I have discussed meditation for sleep and anxiety, Anxiety attack symptoms, Best guided meditation for anxiety and depression, 10 minute meditation for anxiety. All the topics that I have discussed here is based on my personal experience as I have gone through the same and just sharing my personal experience and remedies for all these. If you liked the article then don’t forget to share it with your friends and families.

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